About Us

AGRITOURISM is a unique experience that combines traditional agriculture with tourism. Mention the phrase ‘Agritourism’ to the average person, and you’ll probably get a wide range of reactions.  Some might imagine waking up before dawn to help the farmer, others might picture themselves making cheese, picking fruit, or crushing grapes or olives.  Others may imagine guided hunts or fishing.  Many may see themselves and their families having the time of their lives (and maybe getting a little dirty, too) on an adventure packed full of excitement and fun.  Whatever the case, this new ‘-ism’ is one that is fast growing!

In Georgia, agriculture and tourism are our state’s top two economic generators.  The Georgia Agritourism Association is the official voice of this exciting combination.  The Association is an Agritourism Operator led 501(c)(6) non-profit corporation.

The Georgia Agritourism Association is much like the blended industry it represents: growing rapidly and looking for new opportunities to serve its customers.

Agritourism as defined by GAA:

Agritourism is operators, managers, landowners, landlords and tenants in shared tenancies, who is a producer of an agricultural commodity(s) and allow the public to visit the working agricultural operation for the purposes of experiencing, including but not limited to, education, entertainment, relaxation, hospitality, shopping and dining.

Our Mission:

The Georgia Agritourism Association will, by advocacy, education, networking and marketing, facilitate and create new economic growth opportunities for its members (and the state of Georgia) through increased agritourism and profitable agribusinesses by: enabling, supporting, and promoting Georgia’s agritourism enterprises; educating and informing its constituents on the value of agritourism; and encouraging the highest standards of hospitality and business practices.


Preserving agricultural traditions and increasing net farm income through the creative diversification of Georgia family farms.

Please consider joining the Georgia Agritourism Association today.  Click here for our online application.